Sales force Admin/Developer, ETL Tester, AWS Cloud Engineer, Frontend Developer, Java Developer HOTLIST and More Technical Consultants Available Benchinfo For C2C Jobs New Candidate Available -Quickhirenow

Please let me know if you have any contract openings for our consultants listed below.
1 Vaishali Pari Java Developer H1B 6+ Onsite
2 Bajrang prasad Sales force Admin/Developer H1B 9+ Onsite
3 Santosh Kiran ETL Tester H1B 14 Remote
4 Ravi Chandra AWS Cloud Engineer H4 – EAD 7+ Remote
5 Mukesh Patil ETL Developer / SQL Developer USC 15+ Remote
6 Phani Teja Frontend Developer H1B 7+ Remote
7 Varun Bhatia . Net Lead GC – EAD 14 Remote
8 Suman George .Net Architect/lead Developer H1B 13+ Remote
9 Bala Appana Java Developer GC 10+ Remote
10 Anil Pedda Product Owner GC 19 Remote
11 Tanveer Hayat Product Owner GC 8 Remote
12 Harika Azure DevOps H4 – EAD 8 Remote
13 Srinivas Sesham Salesforce Admin H1B 5 Remote
14 Nehal Java Developer H1B 9+ Remote

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