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Consultant Name Technology Onsite/Remote
KIRAN BHARGAV  C++ Developer Onsite
Nivas QA Analyst Onsite
Shahzyn Hemraj IT Project Manager  Texas/Remote
Anurag  Program/Project Manager Onsite
Lokesh IOS Developer Onsite
Sindhu IOS Developer Onsite
Sai Dhathri  Android Developer Onsite 
Lingeswara  BA/PO Onsite
Chandan  Business Analyst  Onsite
Dilip  Salesforce Developer Onsite
Mallesh  Salesforce Admin/Developer Onsite
Jaipal  Salesforce Developer  Onsite
Veera  Salesforce Developer  Onste
Prem D Data Engineer Onsite
Fnu Sarishka Data Engineer Onsite
Gowtham  Data Engineer Onsite
Chandrashekar  Data Engineer Onsite
Vamsi T Data Engineer Onsite
Divya Y Data Engineer Onsite
Hima  AWS Devops Engineer Onsite
Rekha  Devops Engineer  Onsite
Jaswant  Devops Engineer  Onsite
Abhishek  Devops Engineer  Onsite
Navaneeth Devops Engineer Onsite
Pragnya B Java Developer Onsite
Pragya G Java Developer Onsite
Shivani  Java Developer Onsite
Sai Shivani M Java Developer Onsite
Guna Sai  Java Frontend Developer Onsite
Pradeep Java Developer Onsite
Bhavya  Java Developer Onsite
Hari Babu Sharepoint Developer  Onsite
Geeth Mohan  Angular Developer Onsite
Nishitha .Net Developer Onsite
Soujanya .Net Developer Onsite
Revanth  .Net Developer Onsite
Tharangini  .Net Developer Onsite
Gayathri AWS Devops Engineer Remote
Sahithi M Data Engineer NY/Remote 
Vishnu V Salesforce Admin W/Devops  Remote
Lavanya Salesforce Developer Remote

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