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Hi Professionals,
I hope you are having a solid week – Today I’m working to place excellent candidates in long term contract roles. These very well rounded candidates are available for roles, and available ASAP for interviews. Please contact me at  if you have a role that may be a fit and I can share complete profile and details.

CaritaTech LLC – List of Available Consultants For C2C Positions
SL No Consultant Name Job Title Experience Visa Current Location Relocation
1 Vindhya SDET/QA Automation 8+ H4 EAD TX Yes
2 Leela SDET/QA Automation 8+ H4 EAD TX Yes
3 Pranisha SDET/QA Automation 8 H4 EAD TX Yes
4 Vijayalaxmi QA Automation 8+ H4 EAD MI No
5 Manisha QA Automation 6+ H4 EAD AZ Yes
6 Uma SDET/QA-Python 8+ H4 EAD CA PST
7 Rasika SDET/QA-Python-Salesforce 8+ L2S NJ Yes
8 Keerthana QA Automation 6+ H4 EAD AZ Yes
9 Lakshmi SDET/QA Automation 8+ H4 EAD AZ Yes
10 Sagar Python SDET 8+ GC EAD NJ Yes
11 Vennela Python SDET 6+ H4 EAD CA Yes
12 Vijetha SDET/QA Automation 8 GC CA Yes
13 Swathi SDET/QA Automation 8+ H4 EAD IL Yes
14 Dhaval SDET/QA Automation 8+ USC IL Yes
15 Menaga SDET/QA Automation 9 GC MI Yes
16 Meenu SDET/QA Automation 8+ H4 EAD PA Yes
17 Shilpi SDET/QA Automation 14+ H4 EAD MN Yes
18 Sravya SDET/QA Automation 6 H4 EAD AZ Yes
19 Gayathri V SDET/QA Automation 9+ H4 EAD TX No
20 Nikitha SDET/QA Automation 10+ L2 EAD CO Yes
21 HariPriya Product Manager 13+ H4 EAD VA Yes
22 Megha Product Manager 9+ H4 EAD MN Yes
23 Priyanka Product Manager(SAP) 10+ H4 EAD TX Yes
24 Neha Product Manager(Healthcare) 10+ GC EAD CA Yes
25 Deepika Product Manager/Scrum Master 8+ H1B Transfer CA Yes
26 Aishwarya K Product Manager 9+ H4 EAD CA Yes
27 Shikha Product Manager/Scrum Master 10+ H4 EAD TX Yes
28 Junu Product Manager 10+ USC CA Yes
29 Sonia Product Manager/Scrum Master 10+ H4 EAD IL Yes
30 Bhavya Product Manager 10+ H1B CA Yes
31 Anitha Product Manager 11+ H4 EAD CA Remote
32 Aishwarya Data Scientist 5+ H4 EAD CO Yes
33 Sujith ServiceNow Developer 8+ H1B Missouri Yes
34 Varsha ServiceNow Developer 8+ L2S Austin, TX Yes
35 Pragna ServiceNow Developer/Admin 8+ H4 EAD FL Yes
36 Sarvan DevOps Engineer 8 H1B TX Yes
37 Moumita Business Analyst 8+ H4 EAD CA Yes
38 Monika Full Stack Java Developer 8 H1B TX Yes
39 Prasanna Sr. Java Developer 8 L2S TX Yes
40 Chetana Salesforce developer 8+ H4 EAD CT Yes
41 Abhishek Salesforce developer 12+ H4 EAD KY Yes
42 Latha Salesforce developer 10+ L2S CA Yes
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Thanks & Regards
Reddisekhar N
CaritaTech LLC
2010 Crow Canyon Place, Suite 100
San Ramon CA 94583
Office: 925-350-6700 EXT:912 || Direct: 925-350-6715
E-mail: [email protected]

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