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Ohana Technologies – Hotlist – Ricky – 17-Jan-2023 – Quick Hire Now

Ohana Technologies – Hotlist – Ricky – 17-Jan-2023

Hi There,

#Marketing my candidates..! and here you go with the #Updated #Hotlist
We are targeting #C2C contracts for them..
Hi #linkedinfamily, Hope you are all doing well..!

I am working as a US IT Bench Sales Recruiter for Ohana Technologies Inc and looking forward to getting in touch with you for those candidates that you think would line up well to your Requirements.

If you have any C2C positions for them, please email me with the Job Description and client details..


NAME of the
Shubham Java Full Stack 6+
Bibek Java Full Stack 6+
Roshan QA Automation 6+
Sakchi Java Full Stack 6+


Ricky Paddick, 

BDM – US IT Sales

+1 (682)-341-0948 // +91 7901014474

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