Oracle ICM Territory Manger

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Job Title: Oracle ICM Territory Manager
Job Location: San Diego/Remote

Job Description: The Oracle ICM Territory Manager is responsible for managing and optimizing
incentive compensation programs within assigned territories. This role involves collaborating with
various stakeholders, analyzing sales performance data, and ensuring the effective implementation of
incentive plans using Oracle Territory Management to drive sales and achieve business objectives.
• Oversee and manage incentive compensation programs within designated territories.
• Collaborate with sales leaders to understand business goals and design incentive plans that align
with company objectives.
• Design, develop, and implement incentive compensation plans that motivate sales teams to achieve
targets and maximize performance.
• Ensure that incentive plans are fair, transparent, and compliant with company policies and
• Analyze sales performance data to identify trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement.
• Provide insights and recommendations based on data analysis to enhance the effectiveness of
incentive compensation programs.
• Communicate incentive plans to sales teams and ensure a clear understanding of performance
metrics and payout structures.
• Conduct training sessions to educate sales personnel on incentive compensation policies and
• Monitor and track individual and team performance against established targets.
• Generate regular reports to assess the effectiveness of incentive programs and make data-driven
recommendations for adjustments.
• Work closely with cross-functional teams, including sales operations, to ensure alignment of
incentive plans with broader company strategies.
• Identify opportunities for process improvement and efficiency in incentive compensation
• Implement best practices to enhance the overall effectiveness of incentive programs.

Required Skills:
• Proven experience in Oracle incentive compensation management, SPM or a related field.
• Strong analytical and quantitative skills.
• Excellent communication and presentation skills.
• Ability to work collaboratively in a team and influence stakeholders.
• Knowledge of sales processes and incentive plan structures.
• Familiarity with incentive compensation software/tools is a plus.

Education Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance, or a related field

  • San Diego (Remote)