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Role                                       :                              C++ Developer

Location                               :                               Auburn Hills, MI (Day 1 Onsite)

Duration                              :                               Contract

Experience                         :                               8+ years

Note: Looking for the local candidates of Michigan only.

Job Description:

·         Good knowledge of Orbix IT Management Tool : version 6.3.9 and above.

·         Good knowledge of CORBA Distributed programming.

·         Good knowledge of custom TCLTK scripts (commonly known as TICKLE scripts).

·         Good knowledge of Message queues Solaris 11 client and above.

·         Good knowledge MQ libraries and its usage in C++ language platform.

·         Advance knowledge of UNIX, Solaris 11 OS.

·         Advance knowledge of C++ and PRO-C programming languages.

·         Good knowledge of Oracle client 12C/19C and OCI interface usage in C++ programs. Good knowledge of Oracle 12C/19C server.

·         Advance knowledge of Sun Solaris studio 12, DBXtool, C++ compiler flags and configurations.

·         Advance knowledge of PERL, SHELL scripting.

·         Advance knowledge of Oops concept, design patterns, event driven program architecture.

·         Advance knowledge of Code debugging and analysis (C++ and Perl), writing Unit test cases.

·         Advance knowledge Software lifecycle (Waterfall, Agile/Scrum).

·         Advance knowledge on Batch programming and Job Automation.

·         Good knowledge of SVN versioning system.

·         Good knowledge of Shell script programming on Kshell, TCSH Shell and Bash.

·         Advance knowledge of TWS client configuration and management.

·         Good knowledge of IBM Java adapters for CORBA.

·         Good knowledge of Oracle wallet setup in Solaris 11 and usage of the same in Perl scripts.

·         Good knowledge for SFTP Perl module.

·         Good knowledge of GPG perl Module for file encryption and decryption


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Sandeep Aggarwal

Direct: +1 (848-668-9626)

Email: sandeep.a@centraprise.com

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