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I am updating my consultant’s hotlist for C2C jobs – Quick Hire Now

I am updating my consultant’s hotlist for C2C jobs

Hope you are doing great…!!
I am updating my consultants hot list. If you have any requirements matching their skill sets. You can reach me by email: 
 or feel free to call me on  Direct no +1 (908) 448-0872 , (India No  +91 9392905035 & WhatsApp) call. I will give you the lowest rates for my consultants.

HOTLIST – Lorhan Corporation
Avinash  H1B Devops 8+ AR  Onsite
Brijesh USC Java Developer 8+ MS Onsite
 Dhruvu Dhesai H1B Java Developer 8+ NJ Onsite (NY NJ CT)
Vinay Kumar Narva H1B Java Developer 8+ NJ Onsite(NY NJ NC)
Sameer Alvee H1B Java Developer 8+  CT Remote  
Diktesh Rana H1B Java Developer 8+  NY  NY NJ NC 
Raj Patel H1B Java Developer 8+ NJ Onsite
Ram Mohan H1B Java Developer 8+         Plano ,TX Onsite(TX)
Yasmine Moslih H1B Java Developer 7  FL Remote  
Vijay Bonagiri H1B Java Developer 8+ Dallas, TX.  Remote  
Shukorallah H1B Java Developer 7 CO Onsite
Jitherdra Khambhampati H1B QA 11 Dallas, TX.  Remote  
Juhil Kumar H1B Python  7 CA CA 
Sherin Sunny H1B Devops 14 CA Onsite

US Staffing

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