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Excellent profiles and hotlist available on the bench looking for C2C jobs.  – Quick Hire Now

Excellent profiles and hotlist available on the bench looking for C2C jobs. 

Hello, Thanks for the requirement. As of now, I’m dealing with excellent profiles available on the bench looking for C2C opportunities. 

S No    Candidate Name   Skill   EXP   Visa   Location  
1   Kalyani   Sr Java developer   8+   H4 EAD   Remote  
2   Ruta   Sr Java Developer   9   H1B   Remote  
3   Arun   Sr .NET Developer   10   H1B   Remote  
4   Rajashekar   Sr java Developer   6+   H1B   Remote  
5   Lakshmi   .Net Developer   5+   Gc   Remote  
6   Narendher   .Net developer   8+   H1B   Remote  
7   Mousumi   Service Now developer   11   GC   Remote  
8   Debayan   SQL DBA   12+   GC   Remote  
9   Reshma  Salesforce developer   9+   H1B   Remote  
10   Santhosh   AWS data ENG   7+   H1B   Remote  
11   sheethal   AWS Data ENG   6   H1B   Remote  
12   Shivam   AWS Data ENG   6+   H1B   Open to relocate  
13   Hemang   AWS Data ENG   7+   H1B    Remote 
14   Kusum   Data Scientist   6+   OPT   Remote  
15   Arvindh   Big data eng   7   H1B   Remote  
16   Digvijay   Ui developer   5+   OPT   Open to relocate  
17   Meghana   Ui Developer   7+   H1B   Remote  
18   Raunak   data eng   6+   H1B   Remote  
19    Anurag  WebSphere admin  5+  H1B  Remote 
20   chaitra   Data ENG   6+   H1B   Remote  
21  Lakshmi  Java developer  H4 EAD  Remote 
22  Sai Teja  Java Developer  7   H1B  remote 

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Is there anything that stops you from placing my candidates? Please let me know. 


Arif Walkar

Bench Sales executive  

M: 704-327-5448 

Email:  [email protected] 


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