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Daily Hotlist Devops || AWS || Azure || Windows System admin || Linux System Admin – Quick Hire Now

Daily Hotlist Devops || AWS || Azure || Windows System admin || Linux System Admin

Dear all,

Please find the HOTLIST of Consultants below. Kindly share JD with the consultant keeping me in CC, Consultant will reply with a DL copy.

****Seeking Initial Remote and will relocate after it****

1 Omar Farooqui USC 8+ yrs Texas Sr. Hadoop/Big Data Developer
2 Mansoor Zaidi USC 7+ yrs New Jersey Sr. Windows/Wintel/Vmware Engineer (Azure Cloud)
3 Kashif Razzaq USC 8+ yrs Kentucky Open to Illinois Sr. Windows/VMware/Wintel Engineer
4 Salman Babar USC 9+ yrs Texas Open to Houston, Texas System Engg/Admin (Windows/Wintel/VMware)
5 Inayat Mohammed USC 9+ yrs Wisconsin Open to Illinois System Admin – Windows/Wintel & VMware
6 Aoun Mehdi USC 8+ yrs Delaware Sr.Vmware/Windows/Wintel Engineer/System Engineer(Windows, VMware)
7 Saim Ahmed USC 8+ yrs Virginia System Engineer (Windows/Wintel & VMware)
8 Najeeb Syed USC 8+ yrs North Carolina Open to Illinois Sr. Systems Engineer (Windows/VMware)
9 Mohammad Kabir USC 8+ yrs Virginia Windows/VMware System Engineer
10 Uzair Ali USC 8+ yrs Indiana Open to Chicago, Illinois Windows/Wintel & VMware – System Admin (VMware & Windows Certified)
11 Rashad Ali GC 8+ yrs Arizona Open to Texas Sr. Windows and VMware/Wintel System Engineer
12 Kashif Siraj USC 8+ yrs Oklahoma Sr.VMware /Windows Engineer
13 Akaash Nazir GC 8+ yrs Alabama Sr. Windows/VMware Engineer
14 Yousuf Ali USC 8+ yrs Colorado Sr. DevOps/Linux Engineer/Sr. System Engineer (Linux/Unix, VMware)
15 Umair Ahmed USC 8+ yrs Virginia Linux Systems/DevOps Engineer/Unix / Linux System Administrator
16 Waheed Ahmed USC 8+ yrs Maryland Open to VA, MD, DC Linux/VMWare/DevOps/AWS/Cloud/Build/Infrastructure Automation Engineer
17 Sultan Ahsan USC 8 yrs Massachusetts Linux/VMWare/DevOps/Cloud Engineer/AWS Engineer/Build/Release
18 Muhammad Tariq USC 8+ yrs New York Sr. Linux/Unix System Engineer (Automation)
19 Noman Muhammad USC 8+ yrs Texas Open to Texas, Florida Linux Admin/ Cloud Engineer/ DevOps Engineer
20 Mohammed Ghazi USC 11+ yrs Oregon Linux/Unix Engineer (Automation, VMware & Cloud)
21 Ahsan Jaffery USC 8+ yrs Illinois Sr. Linux/Devops Engineer/System Admin-VMware/Linux/Unix
22 Athar Siddiq USC 8+ yrs Oklahoma Sr.Linux/DevOps Engineer/VMware Admin/Linux Automation Engineer
23 Taleb Abdul OPT-EAD 7+ yrs Iowa DevOps/Cloud Engineer/Build/Release Engineer
24 Tariq Raza USC 8+ yrs Indiana AWS/DevOps Engineer/Build & Release/VMware Engineer
25 Yousuf Omer USC 8+ yrs Michigan Sr DevOps/Cloud Engineer/AWS/Azure/Build/Release Engineer
26 Tariq Quadeer USC 8+ yrs Ohio Open to Texas Cloud/AWS/DevOps/Build & Release Engineer Engineer
27 Aleem Syed EAD 10+ yrs Delaware Sr DevOps/Cloud Engineer /AWS/Azure/Build/Release Engineer
28 Faiz Hashmi H1B 8+ yrs Arkansas Open to Dallas, Texas AWS/Azure/DevOps/Cloud Engineer/Build and Release Engineer
29 Vinod Nanji Katuwa OPT-EAD 9+ yrs New Jersey Sr. DevOps/Cloud Engineer/Automation Consultant

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Farooq Ahmed

SR. Bench Sales Recruiter

FNR Solutions
300 N. Coit Rd.
#225 Richardson,
Texas 75080

Phone : (903) 402-6676
Email :  [email protected] / [email protected]

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